Sunday, August 19, 2012

Starting to Slow?

Yesterday we opened Merry Wives in the city. A somewhat indescribable experience. Let's just say I had to convince someone she wasn't wearing pants. And half the cast stinks, like literally stinks. Someone mentioned a deodorant tax in NYC, because these people clearly can't afford it. BUT the good actors all smelled nice and wore pants...

As I finished my three scenes in the first half hour of the well-cut play I grabbed my notebook and tried to write. I had two "false starts" shall we say. I couldn't get what I was writing to work. The third start actually turned out okay, I'll be bringing the laptop to the shows today so I can type it up and get it in.

I've been consistently submitting my play a day! Don't wanna fuck that up.

Yesterday's play Turtle Love was very well received. Another one of my plays that folks say could be animated. But I like putting that stuff on stage. I like to challenge what people think theatre can be. It worked for The Tale of Yield and Tire. <--- October 19, 20 and 21 at Theatre Artists Workshop in Norwalk, CT.


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