Sunday, August 5, 2012

Play #4 - Another doozy

Yeah, its seems I'm writing plays that shouldn't see the light of day. Not like Goldilocks masturbating for baby bear in Baby Bear Becomes a Man. More like rubbing salt in the open wounds of people who have landed in the national spotlight due to things like putting fireplace ashes in a paper bag.


My first boyfriend lived in that house.

In other playwright news I wrote 42 pages by hand yesterday in my class at ESPA/Primary Stages. Tanya Barfield is just an amazing muse of a teacher. I friggin drew my play. LOL Maybe I'll post the drawings because they're quite amusing. But I discovered a few things, a new character possibly. Very excited.

But I have to go write play #5 now.


PS - And Alternative Control wants to publish play #1 Support Local Music or Die, Mother Fucker \m/

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