Thursday, August 9, 2012

Play # 9 - Welcome to Stamford

Nine plays set in Stamford so far. You'd think this would have been the first of the series, but really it was the imagined words of Pink Missile front man Danny Acedo that sent me on this track. If they ever become a collection of plays I'll have to seriously consider Civic Fucking Pride as the title. Or Civic F@#&ing Pride.

This play came to mind as I stepped off the train late one night and stood in line for a cab. We have a "well organized system" - hold on, I can't stop laughing... You get off the train and stand in line under the sign that says "Taxi Starter" and you wait for your turn to get into a cab. On this particular night there was a young black man working as the taxi starter. He had his headphones on, his pants down and he was doing an excellent job of moving the taxis along and opening the door for each passenger. Well, a family of out-of-towners (obviously) started to walk up to the line of cabs and he turned to them and in the most welcoming manner he informed them - "Dere's a line over dere."

I loved it.

No "Sorry, Sir" or "Excuse me, Miss" bullshit. He flat out told them. "Dere's a line over dere."

And those of us who were standing in line like passengers have for decades sincerely appreciated his stepping up for what is right. That is excellent customer service here in Stamford.

Actually, I'm dead serious. I loved him. But I have great contempt for my hometown. I knew I had some contempt, but not this much. It seems to be spilling out of me every time I sit down to write a play.

And tomorrow? I'm gonna do it again.


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