Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Play #8 - Starring my puppy!!!

So the theme of "Stamford" seems to be working out for me thus far. Today's play might actually work better on film, but I don't see why it's not possible on a stage.

Living in Stamford pretty much my whole life I've learned that most people fucking suck. They're rude, mean, nasty, don't even realize there are other people in the world. This changed when I got a dog. I seriously never knew Stamford has so many friendly souls. Dog people. And "dog people" may find their way into another play this month, I have a fragment of an idea. But it seemed like a fun play to write, Cove Island Park from Apollo's POV. So I wrote it.

And that's that.

I need to exercise, take a nap and go to rehearsal tonight in the city for Merry Wives...oh, yeah...I have to learn those lines, don't I?


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