Sunday, August 26, 2012

26 down, 5 to go. HIKE!

I am not gonna lie, I am fucking drained, exhausted, wiped-out and whatever else you generally associate with "tired-ass-playwright."

Yesterday's play was a chore, today it wasn't so hard. I think I'm getting to the "wrapping up" phase in my mind. Since I decided at the beginning these would be part of a longer play I think I'm just naturally tying it all together, so these last few plays may be less edgy and more about "coming to a new understanding" of my hometown.

I understand it sucks, ba-dum-bum.

Actually, I'm starting to understand that, unfortunately, the town was designed to suck. Not the whole town, just the sucky parts.

Urban renewal did wrong by this town. No doubt.

Today's play was actually inspired by events elsewhere - a 100 year old woman somewhere brought cupcakes to the post office and handed them out in celebration. So, in my Stamford version, I had to tell it along with some annoying foodies and a snobby chef.

I have a good idea for tomorrow, only four ideas to go :)


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