Saturday, August 18, 2012

#18 - Pizza Wars

Now that I'm in the second half of the month I'm starting to have characters from the other plays reappear in these new ones. I reused Officer Bradley from 40 and Life in Fort Stamford, Barbara from Riverwalk Preserve in Turtle Love and today's play features Stamford's Poet Laureate Trusky who also appeared in Candy and Unicorns.

Pizza Wars is the imagined dedication of a monument to those who have died in Stamford's Pizza Wars. *it's a joke, no one has died as far as I know.

And, as for the rest of my theatrical career for the weekend, I'm playing Nym in Merry Wives four times by 3:00 PM on Sunday. I'll bring a notebook and work on tomorrow's play...whatever it is.


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