Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Play #29 - Cove Beach Mafia

Wrapping this all up in a bow, it's going to be hard deciding on the last two plays. Today's play was actually on my list of plays to write weeks ago...or maybe a week-and-a-half ago. I have since lost the list...

Yet another tale inspired by the ugly truth, the Cove Beach Mafia is what I call the group of grown men who like to walk in the opposite direction of everyone else in a clump - like a bunch of girls going to the bathroom. They don't acknowledge your existence and will push you off of the path before they get out of your way.

Classy bastards.

Thankfully I haven't seen too much of them this year, I haven't been exercising that much or at the "right" times...

Yesterday I printed up all the plays I wrote thus far, sorted them into three piles...wait a minute. I think I said this yesterday...or maybe not, I'm so confused.

I have a lot to choose from. I'm starting to wonder how I'll pick the "final" line-up and I'm really stating to wonder if Civic Fucking Pride is going to be a good title. Generally speaking, I think that's the main theme going through the pieces, but not in all of them. But maybe that's okay.

As it becomes time for playwrights to bundle up their babies and send them off for consideration for development I'm starting to think I'll hold off on this one and send in my last full-length instead. Then I'll have a whole year with these plays at the workshop that I can use to fine tune the whole show.

At least that's what I'm thinking today.


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