Saturday, August 11, 2012

Play #11 - Stamford Traffic #2

As I continue on this play-a-day writing spree I'm beginning to form a clearer picture of the final product in my head. As of today I have 11 plays set in Stamford - anywhere from 1 - 8 pages in length. If they average 5 pages I'll end up with 155 pages of material - way too much for a full-length. But if I cherry pick the best ones I'm confident I'll end up with a fantastic evening of theatre.

Along those lines of thinking, it occurred to me that I could write a few of these "Stamford Traffic" plays and keep them short enough to "pepper" them throughout the evening. A nice reoccurring theme within the theme. So, today's play takes place at the intersection of Summer and Broad - where it's impossible for a broad (or a dude) to cross the street from Napa to Burlington.

So that's that for today.


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