Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 plays in 14 days

Almost at the halfway point - I can't believe it. It's actually getting easier (dare I say) to write a play every day simply because I've been doing it for two weeks now. I really do need to find something positive to write about Stamford, though. I can see it now, I'm vilified by everyone for speaking my mind about this place. Ah, any press is good press, I suppose. And there will be press. In my mind this play is going places. LOL.

I'm seriously considering sending this to the O'Neill conference for next summer. I'm guessing it has a better shot than my full-length Showers of Happiness which I fear may just be too "kitchen sink" for a theatre to consider developing. I could be wrong, what do I know. But when I read play descriptions I don't see much in the "straightforward" department.

Today's play is, yet again, inspired by actual Stamford events. A Day at the Beach features two of Stamford's younger citizens torturing a horseshoe crab at the beach. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence. People and their children are assholes and they don't think for a moment that it might be cruel to pick a creature up out of the water and deprive it of oxygen as they play with it or bury it in the sand or throw it against the rocks to try and crack it's prehistoric shell.

People fucking suck.

I didn't get that graphic in the play...actors have a better union than horseshoe crabs.


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